Find Oklahoma City Property Management Company

This is Scott Nachatilo, owner of OKC Home Realty Services, LLC, a premier Oklahoma City property management company.

I am a licensed real estate broker, and I’ve been in the property management business since 1996.  When you are considering an Oklahoma City property management company to hire, there are six-key questions that most people don’t think to ask that you should be asking:

1. Do they know the real estate market?

A competent Oklahoma City property management company has an advantage when it comes to filling vacancies with longer-term tenants.  They get them to stay current on rent.  That company gets tenant’s to stay longer in the property.  They will advertise proper rents because they know what properties should rent for.  They will get as much as possible – but not waste time advertising properties at too high a price.  Click here to find out how we quickly lease properties.

Also, do they lease properties on the Section 8 housing program?  To find out if this might be for you, <Click Here>.

2. What type of monthly accounting report does the property management company provide?

An honest Oklahoma City property management company has nothing to hide. They provide monthly statements that show all documentation for any income and expenses.  Obviously, you can’t afford for your property management company to waste money.  But you simply won’t have any idea of what’s going on with your property unless you are provided with easy-to-read statements.  Click here to find out more about what you should expect from monthly statements.

3. What type of service guarantee does the Oklahoma City property management company provide?

Any property management worth its weight should stand by some type of guarantee.  Here is ours:

  • We provide you a financial progress report accurate to the penny and your payment by the 15th of each month, usually by the 12th.
  • We return call same day if possible, and next business day guaranteed.
  • If at any time you are unhappy with our service for any reason, give us notice to cancel at any time.
  • Maintenance costs are kept down because we get volume pricing from all our maintenance personnel and contractors.
  • We represent you in any court eviction free of charge.

4. How long does it take to complete a make ready?

The longer it takes to complete make readies, the more money owners lose.  Find out how we complete make readies in an average of 13 days (Click Here).

5. How long does it take to lease out properties?  How carefully do they screen applicants?

One of the most important functions of an Oklahoma City property management company is getting properties quickly leased.  We lease our properties, on average, with 22 days (that means the tenant starts paying rent) once we start advertising them.  To find out how we do that, click here.

It doesn’t matter how quickly your property gets leased out if the property management company doesn’t carefully screen the applicants.  To find out the three most critical things to focus on when screening Oklahoma City tenants, <Click Here>.

6. Does their property management agreement have any “gotchas”?


The property management agreement is absolutely critical.  It should clearly define who is responsible for what, what compensation is and when it will occur, and what happens when things go off track.  For more on what to look for in a property management agreement, click here.

Questions? Give Scott Nachatilo a call at 405.232.5800.