Midwest City neighborhoods: Effects on property management in midwest city oklahoma

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Midwest City grew up around Tinker Air Force Base.  Tinker Air Force Base was established as part of the World War 2 effort.  As a result, the properties are mostly newer than 1945.  In fact, there was a building boom in the early 1950’s.  This article discusses Midwest City neighborhoods, and how that effects property management in Midwest City.

Tinker Air Force Base is major economic factor for not only Midwest City, but also the overall Oklahoma City metro area.  It has escaped from the base closures that occurred in the last 5-10 years, only fortifying it’s position as an indispensable cog in the US military machine.  It’s main purpose is military aircraft maintenance, which is not going away.

Midwest City is a solid community.  A major new retail mall was just developed north of Tinker Air Force Base.  There are many other associated businesses nearby that contribute to the local economy.

There are three types of neighborhoods.

property management in midwest city: 1945-1960 Properties

These are generally 2 and 3 bedroom homes that are either frame or brick.  They have crawl space foundations.  Thee were built especially north, east, and west of Tinker Air Force Base.

Because of the age, these properties are more maintenance intensive.  However, they rent well, and tend to stay rented.

The main influence on property management in midwest city is the potential capitol costs as these properties need renovation.  Once done, they make excellent rental properties.

property management in midwest city: 1960-1980 Properties

Again, these are a mix of frame and brick homes.  These for the most part have slab foundations.

They are also maintenance intensive, but not as bad as the 1945-1960 properties.  They were also built further from Tinker Air Force Base because

The main influence on property management in midwest city is that these are desirable properties due to their more recent construction.

There are also several multi-family apartment properties of this age in Midwest City.

property management in midwest city: 1990-Present Properties

These are newer homes built further away from Tinker Air Force Base.

These properties tend to be low maintenance because the properties are newer and nicer.  They are mostly brick, although there are some frame properties.

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