Passing Oklahoma City Section 8 Inspection the First Time

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This article is about the how we are passing Oklahoma City Section 8 inspection the first time.

Awhile back, I was having my weekly one-on-one session with our Maintenance Coordinator Cathy.

We were visiting about the latest Section 8 inspection that did not pass.

I made the comment that it seemed like we were failing on the same types of items over and over.

Cathy agreed.

We were both frustrated because it seemed like our technicians were making the same mistakes, over and over.

Why were they not learning the lesson?

We set a new goal right then and there to raise our expectation.

From then on, our goal would be to pass every Section 8 inspection the first time.

Let’s face it, vacancy is very expensive.  For a $600 per month rental, every day that property is vacant costs the owner $20.

Is Section 8 for everyone?  No.

Section 8 definitely involves additional red tape.  Some Oklahoma City property management companies don’t work with this program.  My company does because of what the program can do to help out us, the tenants, and the owners.

Here are some other facts about the Section 8 program and what is involved.  

I’ll be the first to admit that it helps us to lease more properties more rapidly than they would otherwise.  In addition, Section 8 tenants tend to stay in the property longer than non-Section 8.  On top of that, some properties are a challenge to keep rented unless you lease it through the Section 8 program.  For example, four-bedroom homes in certain neighborhoods.

Other benefits of the Section 8 housing program are outlined here http://yourokcpropertymanager.com/rent-oklahoma-city-property-section-8/.

One of major drawbacks to this program (from the landlord’s perspective) is that you have to pass the Section 8 inspection.  Everything in the unit must meet HUD standards in order for the Oklahoma City Section 8 inspection to pass.

Passing the inspection the first time is very challenging, but don’t be fooled.  The number one reason property management companies don’t pass Section 8 inspections the first time is that they don’t have a system in place to ensure that they pass.

In this article, I’m going to share what we’ve learned about passing Section 8 inspections the first time.

How to Pass an Oklahoma City Section 8 Inspection the First Time

We used to be like almost all the other Oklahoma City property management companies.  We did not have a system to pass the inspections first time.  You don’t get paid rent until the unit passes the housing inspection.  If you fail the inspection, you lose 2-3 weeks of rent.

We got tired of losing that rent.  As I said, we set a goal to pass Oklahoma City Section 8 inspections the first time every time.

We put together a detailed inspection and repair list for our make ready technicians to accomplish this goal.  We then went to work training the technicians so they would know what it takes to pass the inspection first time around.  On top of that, we prepared an pre-inspection check list for the technicians to complete.

Once they have the completed the pre-inspection checklist, the unit is very likely to pass inspection.  They don’t always pass.  Sometimes we miss things.

Or we run across something odd that wasn’t on the checklist.  Those are the times when we update the checklist.

Not only that, but we took advantage of training sessions offered by the local housing authorities.  They will tell you what the major stumbling blocks are.  They want landlords to pass the inspection the first time, too.  It helps them to be more efficient.

Now that we have a system in place we expect the inspections to pass the first time.

It worked.  Over the last three weeks, we have passed our housing inspections 5 out of 6 times.  Not only that, three of those were first time inspections.  All of the first-time inspections passed.

Raise your standards.  Decide that you are going to pass your Section 8 inspections the first time.  Contact us to determine if we can help.

Here are 15 guidelines that will help you pass your next Oklahoma City Section 8 inspection:

  1. Everything in the house must work.  This is an overarching rule.  For example, all windows must open and close properly.  There is very long list of these sorts of things.
  2. All the light fixture must have light bulbs.
  3. Doors and windows must be adequately sealed.  No daylight around doors.  The windows must stay open by themselves (i.e., not require a prop to keep them open).  If the windows have screens, the screens must be in good repair.
  4. Ventless gas heaters are not acceptable in any living spaces.  If the house is heated by wall-mounted electrical heaters, you must also have baseboard heaters.
  5. The house cannot have chipped or pealing paint.
  6. All the appliances must be in the house.  They must all be in working order.  If the tenant is providing the appliances, they must be in the house at the time of the inspection.
  7. All the utilities must be turned on.
  8. The inspector cannot pass an inspection if she sees live roaches in the property.
  9. Toilets cannot be loose.
  10. The temperature / pressure relief valve on the hot water tank must have a pipe for water to escape if necessary.  The pipe must be a material that will not degrade with heat.  Copper is always the safest bet.
  11. All bedrooms must have one closet.  All bedrooms must have at least one window.
  12. There must not be any openings around the outside of the house in which an animal could climb under the house the house or get inside the walls.
  13. Water fixtures and toilets must not leak.
  14. Porches or steps must have handrails if they are more than 18 inches off the ground.
  15. You can’t have electrical receptacles that are dead.  If those receptacles are three-pronged, they must be properly grounded.  The field inspectors will have a tester, and they will test them all.  All electrical receptacles must be secure to the wall.

Obviously, this is not a comprehensive list.

Want us to help you pass your next Oklahoma City Section 8 inspection?  Click here to get information about our company.

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