Should you sell your Oklahoma City Rental Properties? (rental property management okc ok)

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If you are experiencing negative cash flow, it’s very tempting to want to sell your OKC rental properties.  This is particularly true if your rental property management okc ok company is not doing their job, and making excuse after excuse.

The blog post is the first in a four part series about why you should NOT sell your OKC rental properties. It comes down to simple math. I’m going to share four compelling reasons to hold onto that real estate.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t sell a property or two that don’t serve your interests. You may own a property that has been a total pain for years.

But don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater!  It may just be that your rental property management okc ok company is not doing their job.  To find out the warning signs that your rental management okc ok company is not doing there job, <Click Here>.

Here is the first of four powerful reasons not to sell your OKC rental properties.

Reason #1: Oklahoma City Market Real Estate Prices are Relatively Low

During the recession of 2008 to 2010, real estate prices in the Oklahoma City area took a time out. They didn’t crash like they did in Southern California, Florida, or Phoenix, but they did drop a bit. At this time, those values are clearly headed to higher ground.

The slow down in the oil industry is keeping prices down.  Once that industry picks back up, real estate prices will likely go up even higher.

Perhaps the biggest break on property values has been the availability of credit to buy real estate, which has been tight since 2008. There was a very noticeable difference in the availability of bank loans to buy any type of real estate in 2007 versus 2008. Beginning in 2012, credit began to ease up, making it easier for investors to buy real estate.

With the downturn in the oil market, credit is again tight for investors.  Over the long run, this is going to result in prices moving up over the next few years as first time home buyers and mainstream Americans gain further confidence that real estate is a safe haven for their long-term investment.

The article continues by <<clicking here>>, to find out the three other powerful reasons not to sell your OKC rental properties.

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