How to Lease Your Oklahoma City Rental Property Quickly

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Four keys for your OKC property management company to quickly lease your rental property are listed in this article.  Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Scott Nachatilo with OKC Home Realty Services, LLC.

The first key is for your OKC property management company to get the property 100% rent ready prior to advertising.

And when I say 100% rent ready, I mean repairs need to be 100% complete and the house needs to be clean. Spick and span clean.

If you don’t finish the house, you will run off the good prospects. Usually, what you’ll be left with are prospects who will settle for just about anything. Remember, it’s the little things. Make sure all the fixtures have light bulbs, the house smells good, all the dust is gone, etc.

Your property management company has to have high standards when it comes to how well a property shows.  I’ve learned the hard way that ratty looking properties attract not so good tenants.

The second key is that your OKC property management company needs to have a great way of getting the word out.

These days, your absolutely have to advertise your property on-line.  Not only does your on-line advertisement need photos, it needs lots of them, and photos of high quality.  Other must haves are maps to the property, a clear description of the property, and your terms (i.e., 12 month lease, month-to-month, etc).

The third key is that your OKC property management company needs to answer the phone.

When prospective tenants call about the property, they can’t wait three days to call them back.  By then, they will have forgotten all about it.

I guess I’m old school.  I absolutely insist that we have someone in the office to answer the phone during business hours.   For us, that’s between 9 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays.

The forth key is for the OKC property management company to get a real commitment once they say they want the property.

I always make the prospective tenant submit a minimum of $100 toward the full security deposit with their application. That equals commitment. I don’t just take their word that they will pay you all the money when they sign a lease in 30 days.

One question I get asked a lot is how long it takes to lease a property. My answer is that if the property management company is taking the steps outlined above, it’s going to takes on average 22 days (click here for more details).

If it takes longer, you should try to start looking for what’s wrong beginning with four keys listed above. We do a lot of marketing for our properties, so we get showings. If we can’t lease the property by the 10th tenant who goes through the property, something is wrong.

If you would like to know about the service OKC Home Realty Services, LLC offers, click here.

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