How to Avoid Bad Oklahoma City Tenants (property management companies in okc ok)

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How do successful property management companies in okc ok avoid bad tenants?  This article is a portion of an interview Dr. Jack Werner recently did with me about Oklahoma City property management.

Jack:  How do successful property management companies in okc ok guarantee (if there is such a word), that you avoid those bad tenants?

What can you do to really make it as safe as possible and know that you’re getting a good tenant for the property?

Scott:  Well Jack, it all starts with having the right information.  And, property management companies in okc ok have a system that we’ve developed over years.  Those systems start with having tenants filling out an application.  That application is then screened to get their life financial picture on paper.

Whatever it might be; real good, or not always all that good.  It allows us to look at three critical things.

The first being, “What does their criminal background show?”

It’s fairly easy to check their criminal background.  We have a really good website here, www.oscn.net.  You can go in and punch in someone’s name or social security number and it will tell you what run-ins they’ve had with the criminal system in Oklahoma, or court actions that have been filed against them.

We also look at second thing to verify their work and their income over the last year.

We want to make sure that they have a way to pay the rent that they’re saying they want to commit to paying.

The last thing is having a rental history for at least the last year to see how they have treated their landlord.

How they’ve performed over the last year in terms of being a renter.  Have they paid the rent on time?

Those are the three things we look at mainly.  Sometimes we’ll run credit, but not always.  It depends on what type of property it is.

Jack:  When I hire someone, I follow a system.  I know that if I don’t call and check that guy’s references, I won’t make a good decision.  And boy, every time I didn’t follow the system,  it cost me and I’ve got bitten.   I believe in the systems for a reason…you obviously follow the systems all the way through.

Scott:  I just got done looking at an application and this individual had a felony in the last year.   There’s absolutely no way that we’re going to rent to that person because we just don’t need that.  We don’t need to have turnover right away because I know that if I put that person in the property, there’s going to be some kind of trouble.  But that doesn’t mean just because someone has a felony, we will not rent to them.  It depends upon the circumstances.

Jack:  Oh yeah. Good for you.  What are some of the warning signs to property management companies in okc ok you’ve got to get rid of a tenant?

Scott:  Well, a lot of times you’ll get excuses right away as to why the rent is going to be late next month.  And they’ll just kind of test the water and see what kind of manager you’re going to be.  Whether or not they can get away with not paying rent.  That raises a red flag right there.  Already they’re trying to break the rules and get special treatment and just make things hard for us.   As soon as I start seeing that,  we’re going to make it hard for them.  We’re going to put pressure on them to pay their rent.

Another thing is tearing up the house.  Our maintenance guys are trained so that if they see something that doesn’t look right in the property, it will show up on the maintenance checklist they turn in for the service call.  In other words, we have a system for catching problems of that nature.

Jack:   They have pitbulls that they keep inside all day long and they’re gone.

Scott:  Exactly.

Jack:  Do you do scheduled checks even if they don’t call you for maintenance?

Scott:  We do have a one year maintenance call. We’re looking for one critical thing is checking out the heat and air.  A lot of times tenants will not change out filters and that can cause serious problems for the heat and air units.  It’s a little balance between not spending too much of the client’s money on sending people out to the property to do things versus saving money in the long run catching problems like that.  We do have those that we have set up periodically and we feel like one year is adequate.

To find out more, contact OKC Home Realty Services, LLC.

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