Two Critical Rental Property Inspections (Part 3 – property management companies oklahoma city)

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Should you have your rental property inspected?. In this blog post, the 3rd in a series of 4, I share the two types of inspections that I recommend property management companies oklahoma city perform.

Why is it a good idea to an inspection?  Obviously, it’s a good idea to keep on an eye on your rental properties.  You definitely want property management companies oklahoma city to see when a tenant is abusing a property.  In addition, You can catch maintenance problems a tenant might not be aware of before it gets worse.

Catching problems before they get worse can save you a whole bunch of money.

There are two times when it makes sense to have the property checked out.

#1 When you have service call at the property (property management companies oklahoma city).

You have maintenance people go to the property. Why not have your maintenance people take five extra minutes to fill in quick report about what they see? That’s exactly what they do for us. They have a camera with them, so they can take a quick photo if they need to.

Our maintenance technicians are trained to go through a multi-point checklist as part of each service call.  We check items such as the filter for the heat and air unit, tree limbs around the roof line, house keeping, and anything else that really sticks out.

#2 annual inspections.

I recommend annual inspections to be done at the time of the anniversary of the lease.

Items to be checked at the annual inspection are the condition of the property, check for any needed maintenance, and see how well the tenant is taking care of the property.

One important item to check is the heat and air unit.  If the tenant is not changing the filters on a central heat and air unit, the unit may burn out before it really should.  A dirty unit in the summer time works a lot harder than it should have to.  It’s a lot cheaper to change a filter and clean the coil than it is to have to replace the entire unit.

We have our maintenance personnel do the inspection so they can do minor maintenance, and clean up the heat and air unit if they need to.

Part 4 of the series will talk about two other rental property inspections.
you should be receiving from your property management company.
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