Air Conditioning Has Just Gotten Very Expensive for your Oklahoma City Rental Property

Apr 30, 2014| 0 Comment

It’s the time of year when the air condition systems in those Oklahoma City metro area rentals require maintenance.  Rule one for any property management company is to have a good heat and air company at their beckoning call.  Rule two is to have one or two back up contractors, because something always seems to happen to the really good contractor at the worst possible time…either they get busy on somebody else’s projects, or worse.

The big items to keep an eye on right now are the old central heat and air systems that are on their last leg.

If you aren’t aware of this, the EPA spearheaded an effort to change from the old Freon (R-22) to new Freon (R-410A).  The problem is that the new Freon doesn’t work in the older systems.  You have to completely change out all the old equipment to R-410A systems.

The other problem is that R-22 manufacturing is way, way down.  There are “substitutes” that have been produced, but the effectiveness of these substitutes has not been proven.  I think the bottom line is that sometime in the not-so-distant future the older R-22 systems are going to be replaced with the newer R-410A systems.

The R-22 refrigerant is also getting very expensive.  Fifty dollars per pound is now dirt cheap.  For reference, a system can easily take six pounds to fill.  And it’s just going to keep getting more and more expensive.

Anytime one of the older R-22 systems needs a significant amount of work, it’s worth considering whether or not to tear out that old junk and switch to the newer R-410A systems.

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