Tuesday 17th January 2017
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How to Terminate Your Oklahoma City Property Manager

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What to Look for When You Hire a Property Management Company

They are NOT equipped to handle the inevitable problems that crop up in property management, like what to do when the tenant stops paying rent.  Or how to tell the difference between a good, solid tenant and a problem waiting to happen.  Or where to advise, how much to ask for rent and deposit.The bottom line is that you really need a property management company, not a so-called full service real estate company that does property management on the side.

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How a Poor Property Management Company can cost You a Fortune

There is not a wide variation in management fees from one company to the next.  What you really need to look at when making your decision about an OKC property management company are the integrity of your property management company and how on the ball they are in controlling your expenses.  This article breaks those items down for you. It's usually a big mistake to hire a property management company just because they advertise the lowest leasing fees and/or management...

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Why an Unresponsive Property Manager is the Kiss of Death

Studies show that 19 out of 20 dissatisfied customers will become loyal customers again if their complaints are handled well and quickly.  When you handle tenant complaints well and quickly, it almost always means that tenants will stay longer.  Less turn over for you means you have a more profitable property. Why does a property management company start avoiding you?  It means one of two thing. If the property management company is a one-man bands, the property manager gets too busy.  He’s...

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